Enforcing County Court Judgments by the way of Statutory Demands

In the event the debt remains outstanding even after judgment then bailiffs are usually instructed to enforce. The county court fees are £100 (recoverable) or £186.50 high court sheriffs (claims over £600) but often unless you can pinpoint assets [such as car Reg No/colour/make] you could be throwing good money after bad.

We always advise clients to establish the make, model and number plate of your debtors car as this is the most effective method of the bailiff recovering.

There are other methods to enforce Judgments such as:

(a) Attachment of earnings - order for monthly payment to be taken out of salaries
(b) Garnishee - freezing debtor's bank
(c) Charging Order - against any asset such as a house
(d) Oral Examination - Full evidence of financial circumstances must be given with a monthly payment offer.

Or [e] Our experience of 40 years have shown Statutory Demands will get your Judgments paid as this procedure effectively is a BANKRUPTCY / LIQUIDATION NOTICE of 21 days concentrating the debtors mind for repayment. Otherwise debtors run the risk of actually being put out of business with either a Bankruptcy Petition or a Winding Up Petition which we issue on our clients behalf.

NOTE – We make no charge for sending STATUTORY DEMANDS if you have obtained your own Judgment and we also add your entitlement to statutory interest and late payment compensation

Send us your Judgments and we will do the rest …..